Organizational Change Management helps people adopt change in an organization. Change can be technological, such as a system change, change can be a program, such as a new health care program, or a cultural change that may occur from merging two companies or departments into one.

Why do we need Change Management? When we use change management to help people adopt or adapt to a new way of working we find that the change is more successful, less stressful and that people return to being productive more quickly than if we don’t use a thoughtful approach to change.

"April's program was excellent!" "She is a first-rate communicator who brings a very comfortable, warm manner to the proceedings, deftly balancing humor with the very serious information she imparts. Her interactive style is a refreshing contrast to the formulaic lecture format to which we are accustomed"

— L. Kunkel-Coryell, Asst. Director Ypsilanti Public Library


The tools in the toolkit are not what make your change management efforts successful. Capturing thoughts, creating plans, identifying actionable steps, and tracking progress are all made simpler by using the tools.

Change Impact Assessment

Stakeholder Identification & Assessment

Sponsorship Strategy

Communication Plan

Training Plan

Measurement Plan

Sustainability & Transition


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