Change Impact Assessment Tool

The Change Impact Assessment looks at the scope, size, and impact of the change. It can be a quick survey; or it can be a longer, more thorough look at the entire organization, all the components that will be impacted, and to what degree. Understanding the size of the change helps with preparation and planning.

Understanding the scope of the change can be a little daunting; there is no perfect place to begin, no perfect way to start, when trying to determine the size and scope of the change. But one good way is by identifying the benefits of the change and how many people will be impacted by it. Keep in mind that just because you don’t touch a system or process directly doesn’t mean you’re not impacted by the changes to it.

Use these questions in interviews with your project manager and business leaders to help determine the impact this change will have on stakeholders. What will change because of this initiative or project?

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