Communication Plan Tool

A Communication Plan for a change initiative is essential because we know that people need to hear about the change between six and eight times before it registers in their consciousness that this change will occur and may impact them. Project managers think that the purpose of a communication plan is to identify when project meetings will take place, who will be notified about the meetings, email lists of the people to be invited to meetings, and so on.

A Communication Plan may be preceded by a communication approach, which specifies why we are choosing a certain direction or using a theme to communicate with end-users.

The plan defines the information and feedback needed for those leading and impacted by the change, as well as the specific communication activities and events, timing, goals, and outcomes desired from each communication activity.

Addressing the why of change in an easy-to-understand way is critical to developing the messaging and communication for end-users.

Taking the time to consider which audiences you are communicating with, as well as how to provide that audience with the information they need, when they need it, is the goal of the Communication Plan.

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