Measurement Plan Tool

The purpose of a measurement plan is twofold:

  • To understand what our end users and other stakeholders are aware of and prepared for when it comes to a change, and
  • To provide a check to determine if our activities are having the intended result.

How to Measure?

Working with our Business Subject Matter experts, we can develop questions to determine how much stakeholders understand, how prepared people are in terms of knowing the new process or how to use a new system, and how comfortable or productive people feel shortly after change is implemented.

Tools to measure include the following:

  • Surveys work well to measure the effectiveness of communication and identify barrier points to adoption. Surveys don’t need to be long. Sometimes just a couple of questions will let you know if you are meeting critical success factors and can provide narrative responses when needed.
  • Focus groups of internal or external stakeholders can provide detailed understanding by discussing specific questions about the change effort. Focus groups benefit from skilled facilitation and may also be helpful in developing ideas and suggestions to encourage adoption.
  • Interviews are similar to focus groups but are conducted one on one. While interviews can provide great detail, perspective can be challenging based on who is interviewed and their interests in the success of the implementation.
  • Observation through practice– practice labs, training, one-on-one work sessions, and meetings offers opportunities to observe the actual practices and challenges for a variety of stakeholders. Observation is an in-depth form of measurement and is often overlooked in the “heat” of Go-Live. Outlining specific tasks and processes to observe and using a formal tracking tool can provide a level of information and evaluation that is often difficult to obtain.

Setting specific targets to help guide our work and measure the current state of our stakeholders, whether they are end users or those who are less impacted, helps us to know where we need to provide additional support. In other words, if you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know it when you get there.

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