Stakeholder Identification & Assessment Tool

What are stakeholders? Who are stakeholders? Why does every change initiative talk on and on about stakeholders?

Stakeholders are the people who will be impacted by the change. A stakeholder is simply someone who has a stake or investment in the change or is a partner in using what will change in some way.

We use the Stakeholder Identification and Assessment tool to guide our questions and help us to document the groups of people who will be affected by change. Knowing our stakeholder groups and determining how best to communicate with, train, and provide support to stakeholders is an initial step of a change initiative.

To begin, list every group that you can think of who may be impacted by the change. Subject matter experts and business leads can assist in helping to identify groups. Stakeholders can be very close to the change, such as end users who will be using the system, or further from the impact, such as the clients who may not notice the change but will see the results.

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