Training Plan Tool

Training is how we ensure that end users have the skills they need to do their jobs when the change is implemented.

Identifying the knowledge and skills needed by stakeholders to be successful with a new system, program, or process to reach the intended business results is the goal of the training plan.

Sometimes the training team is asked to develop training for process rather than skills and knowledge. They’re asked to train somebody to perform a new skill, but what is really needed is a new process for preparing the work or getting the work done. It’s important to call out the process changes from those items that we identify as necessary for training. The risk for the training team is that they are usually the last group to receive information from the technical team and the first to “go live” (as training begins before systems go live). Keeping the technical team and training team in sync with each other is a critical role for the change team.

The development of the Training Plan and training sessions is extremely detailed. The training phases outlined below gives a high-level overview and timeline training development.

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